About Rtest

Rtest is an education platform. We are commited to help the students in their studies by providing useful studying resources. Besides, we wish that the general resources available in our database will provide positive influences to the community.

Rtest is intended to be a community project. In other words, anyone is welcomed to contribute useful resources and eventually these resources will benefit to the overall community.

We sincerely wish that this website will benefit to the community. Let's work it out!

Rtest, stands for "Right test".

Get the right test and score right in exam. Learn to be right and be righteous in daily life.

About the staff

author photo Hi, there... I am Yan Jiong, the founder of Rtest. I was an enginner and a college counsellor in the past. Currently, I work as a freelance counselor as well as programmer. I enjoy reading (related to science/psychology/spirituality/religion), drawing (just scribbling), and watching movies (or documentaries) whenever I am free.

If you want to know more about me, you can visit my gallery and my blog here. (Coming soon)

I believed that I am born to be good. I have a vision which keeps nourishing the next step of mine while I peacefully walk forward. Virtues accompany me; joyfully, I live for every day.

Volunteers needed

You can help us to:

  • Improve the documentation in Rtest
  • Translate or improve the translation in your local language
  • Design or improve the appearance of Rtest
If you are interested, please write to us.