• What is Rtest?
  • This is a platform that allow users to do tests online. Those tests are prepared by the Rtest community. Usually, the tests being prepared by the community are academic related, however, general tests are available too.

  • Is Rtest secure?
  • We have "good enough" security system, however it is not 100% secured. It is almost impossible to implement a perfect defensive system against hackers. Thus, we merely store some basics personal information in our server, such as name, email, gender, photo, etc. We do not process Credit card numbers, these are performed by secure third party payment gateways.

  • Do I remain owner of my content after I upload them in Rtest?
  • Yes. You are the owner of the content that you have uploaded. You can freely delete any tests that are not older than 100 days. To delete the tests that are older than 100 days, you need to send a mail to us.

Getting started

  • How to use Rtest?
  • Register an account, and you are ready to go.


  • Create a test
  • There are 2 types of test available, i.e. academic test and general test.

  • Standard components in a test
    (configure in test "Setting")
  • #FieldDescription
    1TitleTest title
    Also used by the system as save/load filename
    2DescriptionShort summary about the test
    3LocationSpecific location of the test
    4YearApplicable for academic test only
    5SubjectTag the test with a subject
    Applicable for academic test only
    6LevelTag the test with a level
    Applicable for academic test only
    7SyllabusTag the test with a syllabus
    Applicable for academic test only
    8TagTag the test with general tags
    Accept multiple tags
    9ConclusionMessage to be displayed after the test
    * This feature is partially complete, will be fully available in the next version update
    10Display imageDisplayed when shared in social media
    11PasswordPassword protection for the test
    * For security purposes, admin or editor can access the test without password
    12Resource linkExternal URL that contains the test (e.g. .pdf, .doc file)
    * This feature is partially complete, will be fully available in the next version update

  • Create a question
  • There are 5 types of question available, i.e. multiple choice (single selection), multiple choice (multiple selections), true-false, short answer and essay.

  • Standard components in a question
  • 5   Which of the following is a robot?
        A   cat
        B   doraemon
        C   tiger
    Doraemon is a robot cat, who appeared in Fujiko Fujio's Japanese manga series.
    #FieldInput modeDescription
    1IndexSimple* maximum of 5 characters
    2Question TitleComplexInput the question content here
    3TypeSelect from list  A, B, C, D, ... (multiple choice single selection)
      A, B, C, D, ... (>1) (multiple choice multiple selections)
      True / False
      Short answer
    4Option indexSimple* maximum of 5 characters
    5Option titleComplexInput the option content here
    •   A, B, C, D, ...
    • Input the correct option index [case sensitive]

    •   A, B, C, D, ... (>1)
    • Input the correct option indexes, seperate by comma (,) [case sensitive]

    •   True / False
    • Input 1 for "true", 0 for "false"

    •   Short answer,   Essay
    • Input the answer in plain-text format
      use the "answer explanation" field if you need to write stylish or include any image, however, please state in the answer field so that the user will be notified to look for those extra info

    7Answer explanationComplexInput the answer explanation here, if have
    * This feature is partially complete, will be fully available in the next version update
    8PointsSimple* number up to 2 decimal places
    * Simple - allow plain text only
    * Complex - allow image, permissible html tags, etc.
    ** javascript is prohibited
    *** server will discards and filters out any hazardous inputs, tags, etc. without notice!

  • How to create mathematical equation, scientific notation, etc.?
  • We use MathJax to display high quality math equation in browser. We use LaTeX syntax in constructing the equation, as well as scientific notation. Please view the details documentation here.

    Example: Input LaTeX syntax
    \( x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a} \)
    Example: Output equation
    \( x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a} \)
  • Auto calculatation of the question's point function
    1. By default, the system will assign 100 points averagely for each question
    2. If some of the questions have points that are manually assigned, then the remainder will be distribute evenly to the other questions.
    3. However, if the manually assigned point exceed 100 points, then the system will ignore all the manually assigned points and apply the default rule (1.)
    4. In order to fully customize the points, ALL questions need to be assigned with points manually
      e.g.: if you wish to have a 200-points test, then you need to declare all question's point manually
    5. ** Point can be any number within 2 decimal places
    6. ** Possible offset will be added to fulfil the "100" score
      e.g.: If 3 questions are created, then 33.34, 33.33 and 33.33 will be automatically assigned respectively instead of 33.3333... for each question

Answering & Evaluate

  • How to answer a test?
  • It is the same as what you did in your school. Besides, you can save / load your progress.

  • Supported evaluation question types
  • Rtest support marking/evaluation for multiple choice (single selection), multiple choice (multiple selections), and true-false question only. It does not support evaluation for short answer and essay question. However, upon finishing the tests, all answers will be displayed (if available) for all type of questions, you can then verify your answer yourself.

    #TypesMarking / Evaluation
    1A, B, C, D, ...
    2A, B, C, D, ... (>1)
    4short answer

  • Evaluation process
  • 1. Answer the question by clicking the appropriate option, your's answer will be highlighted in color
    Q1. A cat has ____ legs.
    2. Click the submit button to submit your answers for processing. If you answered correctly, your selected option will turn into color
    Q1. A cat has ____ legs.
    3. If you answered wrongly, the correct option will be highlighted in color
    Q1. A cat has ____ legs.
    Note: For multiple choices multiple selections, the color codes applied as well
    Q1. Select the numbers that belong to integer?

Result & statistic

  • Where can I view my statistic?
  • Go to your user profile page, select timeline, and you can view your statistic in the statistic panel

  • Statistic privacy
  • Other users can view your current academic year statistic but you can view all of your available statistic. Change the privacy status to "only me" if you want to disable view from others.

  • How to display gauge in performance panel?
  • You need to configured your academic year in your profile and complete at least one test related to the academic year. The gauge will be displayed automatically.


  • How to recover my password?
  • No password recovery function at the moment. However, if you have contributed many tests to the community, then you may write to us and we will help you to reset your password.

  • Follow & following
  • You can follow up to 200 users. There is no limit for the total users that are following you.

Contact us

  • How to contact Rtest?
  • Use support inbox.

  • Volunteers needed
  • You can help us to:

    • Improve the documentation in Rtest
    • Translate or improve the translation in your local language
    • Design or improve the appearance of Rtest
    If you are interested, please write to us.