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SPM 2016 Notice

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Last update: 5/9/2016

SPM Trial 2016 online version

We are trying to implement the "SPM Trial 2016 (online version)" for all students and we need your help in many aspect. We are now collectiong the trial papers and looking for volunteers to key in the data into the Rtest system. You are welcomed to contribute, may this project succeed and be ready as soon as possible.

  1. Send us trial exam files (any related subject) + ANSWER
    • You can send the files to this email 8d3408e109c952ea71bef14f056c96b5.png
    • The files must be in high quality
      • MS-WORD (.docx) or word-based PDF (highest quality  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)
      • high quality image (scanned) PDF (high quality  ★ ★ ★ ★)
      • Encrypted PDF, low quality PDF (you may send these to us too, however we may reject it if the file is extremely hard to be processed)
      • If you don't have the answer, you can send the paper to us too
    • We will share those files here and students can download them if they prefer offline (paper) version
  2. Help us to key in the questions into Rtest system
    • Just click the  ♥ Create on the menu bar, and you can start to enter the questions into the system
    • Please be precise and don't make any mistake (thousands of students are going to refer to the test)
    • You may notify us upon finishing, we can help to review it or make a nice sharing image for the test

We are very limited in resources. We need your help in implementing the online version, otherwise, this project is unlikely to success. If you are ready to help, let us work together and make this "SPM Trial 2016 (online version)" be available to everyone.

Additional resources:

Facebook Group: Malaysia Exam - PT3, SPM, STPM, UEC


Join this group, any information related to Malaysia secondary school's studying resources is being shared here.  You can share related notes, tests, opinions, etc here. 


SPM Trial 2016 Papers

**We will actively update the table once we received the papers sent by the users.

Bahasa Melayu




Mathematics (Matematik)


Science (Sains)


Biology (Biologi)


Chemistry (Kimia)


Physics (Fizik)


History (Sejarah)




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